Tasmanian Suppliers of Dicksonia Antarctica Treeferns

Responsible Harvesting

A tree fern regulation system is incorporated into the Forest Practices System developed by the Forest Practices Authority who administers the Tasmanian Forest Practices Act. Fernmania strictly follows the required conditions of harvesting and handling under this system.

Licence tag photo
Tree fern harvest licence tag

Ferns from Tasmania are controlled by a tagging system where sequentially numbered fern tags are purchased from the Forest Practices Authority for each tree fern harvested. These are affixed to the fern trunk so that right up until the end user purchases the ferns, their origin can be traced.

There is much mis-information regarding the status of Dicksonia antarctica tree ferns. Opinions that they are endangered or vulnerable are wildly incorrect as they are so prolific in Tasmania that numbers growing in the wild are in the tens of millions and widespread in Tasmania. From a species conservation point of view licenced harvesting will have no effect on their status however they are important to the biodiversity and beauty of Tasmania which we recognise and promote.





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