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Fernmania's Tree Ferns

Dicksonia antarctica tree ferns are available in all sizes from potted plants to trunks of 25ft (7.6m) in length. The shapes of the stems vary as some grow curved and some are multi-headed.

We export in 20ft and 40ft air conditioned containers.

Treefern photo
3 - 4 ft (approx 1m) ferns & at right 16 ft (approx 5m) ferns
Treefern photo
5" - 18" (125 - 450mm) pots
Treefern photo
1 - 2 ft (305mm - 610mm) lengths

Dicksonia antarctica is by far the most abundant tree fern growing in Tasmania. It has a fibrous trunk, prefers damp climate, partly shaded and enjoys altitudes up to 1,000 metres in Tasmania.

They grow best in areas of rainfall of over 1,000 mm per year but in lower rainfall areas do well in moist gullies.

These tree ferns are robust and can be cut, stored, transported and regrown successfully even if stored for quite long periods, provided they are kept moist. They are carefully harvested so that no soil is transported with the tree fern. Many other live plants such as palms, require soil to be moved with the plant which would create quarantine issues. Dicksonia antarctica are tolerant of fire and re-shoot readily after re-location.

The fern grows at a rate of about 3.5 to 5 centimetres per year and produces spores at the age of about 23 years. It grows in a range of soils but does best in fertile areas. It is particularly suited to garden planting and landscaping purposes and is one of the most popular tree ferns on earth.





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